Zein Aor Zeng

Zein Aor Zeng, the First Imperator, the Black Stone That Cannot Be Touched

When Cneph Who Made sought to make the Ash and everything on it, He first shaped the Weirding Wall, to protect it from the Not, and then willed forth the roots of the World Tree. As Yggdrasil formed in the exact center of the fiery blue bowl and began to grow, so was also born Zein Aor Zeng in its wake, as the Creator gave forth the notions of Space and Time to aid in His making. As the first leaf sprouted and made a Sound, the first note of the Music of the Spheres, the Imperator only solidified more. Seeing this miraculous event, Cneph shaped forth the makings of a miniature world, drew forth from the blue fires of the Wall a sun to light it, and bestowed it unto the First Imperator, to witness what it would do.

Zein is a True God, and as such takes no mortal form. It is instead a thing of both reflective and singing black stone, whose veins run through its Chancel and the worlds upon the Ash. It is a terrible and yet sacred thing, and suffers not the touch of that which is lesser than it, inducing a shattering madness within those that dare to do so, whilst the Imperator seizes the transgressor’s reflection for its own ends. Its consciousness is vast, as every world possesses at least one vein of the True God within its depths, connecting and aligning that pocket of existence to the Music and all it encompasses.

Little is hidden from the Black Stone as its essence creeps through the worlds across the World Tree, and as such Zein feels and hears much, and knows more. It’s Estates have only grown over its existence, and where once it only contained Time, Space, and Sound within its depths, it has gained more as those around it unwittingly shape it ever further.

History was added as Zein observed the inhabitants of the Ash’s worlds and their methods of recording themselves and their deeds so they would not be lost. Art was gained after the first creatures came upon its stone and sculpted it into a pleasing form. These creatures, touched by the Imperator’s madness, Zein gathered to itself to populate its Chancel. How the Estates of Heroes and Shade came to its possession no one knows, though some whisper that it was given them in exchange for the casting of certain secrets within its stone, never to be found again.

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